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Why Kids Love Mykonos Too!

When schools out and the hot summer months arrive, many youngsters look forward to a family vacation where they can spend long hours on the beach, feel free to scream and shout, run and swim in the sea, and enjoy a number of other fun activities.

On Mykonos, where hotels are family oriented and are renowned for their excellent services and first-rate amenities catering for children and teenagers, parents can sit back and relax knowing that their offspring will have the most wonderful time of their lives enjoying the freedom of the island’s beach life.

The 5 star Palladium Boutique Hotel, sits just above the idyllic Platis Gialos Beach which is ideal for young children, as it has a sandy and shallow shoreline for them to play safely. There is also an array of water sports facilities and rides for teenagers too and a fully equipped water sports center.

Toddlers love the beach for many reasons. They can build sandcastles, collect sea shells from along the shoreline, dig holes in the sand, burn energy by carrying water from the sea in their buckets and explore the beach for sand or hermit crabs that burrow themselves amongst the sand and pebbles.

Finding the perfect beach on Mykonos when you’re a family is relatively easy as most are child-friendly and welcoming to little ones. For both the young and the young-at-heart, they can be a wonderful adventure and children become creative even on vacation whilst enjoying nature.

For visitors wishing to travel to other family beaches such as Agios Stefanos for example or those a little further away, many of the beach restaurants will provide beach chairs and umbrellas, especially if you plan spending the day there and are purchasing food and drinks.

While some individuals prefer their feet sinking into the sand, there are others who enjoy sitting by or dipping/swimming in a nice large pool! For some families too, it’s much more convenient for them to just step out of their rooms or suites and relax by the hotel pool.

The Palladium Hotel has a large pool for adults and an adjoining pool for youngsters too. Both are kept spotlessly clean and have a pool bar for light snacks and refreshments.

Near one of the longest and prettiest beaches on Mykonos; Elia beach, there is also a large water park called “Watermania” which has long slides and lots of water activities for people of all ages. Water flows down the long slides making it great fun to rush from top to bottom in large inflatable rings. As the park is open from morning until early evening, there are also places to eat and drink in the water park.

For those who want to get away from water for awhile, there’s the opportunity to take a horse ride with professional riding instructors from Ano Mera, (the most populated village on the island and just 8km from Mykonos town), to nearby Fokos beach and then back again to the stables. There’s a lake trail and reservoir, and also an alternative trail along the beach to stop for swimming too. Many young people love sightseeing this way and experiencing a horseback ride probably for the first time.

Finally, the Palladium Boutique Hotel looks forward to welcoming you and your families this summer and guarantees you all a pleasurable stay!



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