a magic journey of gastronomy to the mediterranean
Thymare A La Carte Restautant
Regional and international cuisine is blended magically at Restaurant Thymare. Delicious dishes are carefully prepared with fresh local produce and served in a relaxing and romantic environment, where diners may enjoy their meal watching a spectacular island sunset. Thymare boasts elegant table settings with crisp white table linens and luxurious tableware adding to the idyllic ambience, as well as breathtaking views overlooking the blue sea and picturesque cove, providing an intimate place where guests enjoy first-hand a luxury Mediterranean dining experience. This waterfront restaurant offers an extensive array of mouthwatering dishes including tasty appetizers, fresh seafood, mixed salads, succulent chicken, grilled steaks and wonderful delicious desserts, complimented by quality fine wines, while there are special gluten free or vegan options and other healthy choices covering all dietary needs and preferences.

Lunch /  Dinner : 13.00 pm-24.00 pm.
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