We Live up to Your Dreamy Stay!
Mykonos is the place where Cycladic simplicity merges smoothly with opulence and cosmopolitan ambiance. With deep respect to your needs, Palladium Hotel offers...
Palladium’s Glamorous Boho-Chic Renaissance
Palladium Boutique Hotel has welcomed the new season renewed and refreshed, creating an oasis for welcoming its guests in the most glamorously renovated interiors and radiant ambiance. Palladium is...
The Timeless Value of Palladium Boutique Hotel
Our guests love us and at Palladium Boutique Hotel we are well aware of that, doing our best to give back the love that we have...
The Splendid Deluxe Character of Effervescent Mykonos
Are you seeking a place where luxury and comfort are redefined? Do you wish to indulge in a vacation, where lavishness and extravaganza are celebrated most magically?
Watch the Stars Sparkling, Mirrored on the Surface of the Pool
The fiber optic lit swimming pool is a sight for sore eyes! Each moment you lay back and discover the uniqueness of this place is precious...
Indulge in the Sensational Spa Treatments of Palladium Boutique Hotel
For a truly relaxing holiday experience, you are welcome to indulge in the most transcendental journey of the senses at Palladium Hotel Venus Wellness Spa.
Why choose Palladium Boutique Hotel in Mykonos
Searching for the ideal hotel in a dreamy holiday destination may be challenging, especially when you have got high standards in quality and you are not willing to compromise them in any way.
Late-summer Break in Mykonos With Indulgent Spa Moments!
Indulging the senses at a wellness retreat, figures at the top of the wish-list of millions of people regardless of their current location.
Palladium Boutique Hotel
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