Marvel at the Spectacular Mykonian Architecture

Mykonos is a beautiful island of Cyclades, boasting exceptional elegance and refinement. It stands out among other Cycladic islands, even though it still maintains their basic elements. Whitewashed houses with blue shutters, cobbled narrow pathways winding up and offering a challenging yet refreshing stroll, colorful gardens with blossomed flowers and purple bougainvilleas in the middle of the neighborhoods. Picturesque chapels overlooking the Aegean, with rare icons and exhibits of folklore Art. And the windmills, a genuine landmark of Mykonos…all that composes a truly magnificent destination in the world!

Built amphitheatrically, the houses and all the other buildings enjoy wonderful views to the infinite blue of the sea. And a distinctive neighborhood in Mykonos, defying the uniformity of the rest of the island, is Little Venice. A small neighborhood literally half-sunken in the water, at the end of the harbor, provides a marvelous gem filled with colors and Venetian influences. That is after all why it has been named Little Venice.

In this neighborhood, merchants of Mykonos resided and they needed houses accessible to ships. So they built them right on the edge of the harbor, with underground compartments that could load and unload shipments easily. This was due to pirates at that time, which made it essential to minimize the time required for the completion of supplying. From Little Venice, you are welcome to enjoy breathtaking sunset views each afternoon.

Palladium Boutique Hotel complies with the traditional architecture of Mykonos and celebrates its uniqueness and unparalleled style. Snow-white rooms and suites, beautiful and spacious, with minimal décor that brings out the special character of the island. Luxury and comfort celebrated in Mykonos!
Palladium Boutique Hotel
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