Watch the Stars Sparkling, Mirrored on the Surface of the Pool

Are you ready for yet another enchanting evening at Palladium Boutique Hotel in Mykonos? Have you watched the sunset, in anticipation of lounging by the swimming pool with a signature cocktail in your hands, just to take in the cool breeze fondling your cheeks ever so lightly? At the pool bar, you have the opportunity to do so and on top of that enjoy the marvelous surroundings. Above all, there is the new gem of Palladium ready to entice you with its pure beauty and absolute sparkle!
The fiber optic lit swimming pool is a sight for sore eyes! Each moment you lay back and discover the uniqueness of this place is precious. You do not need to look up in the sky, so as to find out how many stars are spread on its surface. On the contrary, you look in the swimming pool and you explore the number of stars sparkling on the surface. This is indeed a magnificent addition, highlighting the purity and shine of the pool. It is a genuine gem that is waiting to allure you, in between your strolls and dives in the refreshing waters. Whether you choose to sit at the pool bar or at the deck, the view is equally majestic!
The Mediterranean sky is purely divine, providing the ultimate setting for every dreamer and hopeless romantic. However, the sky is reflected most marvelously on the modern swimming pool with fiber optics that shines bright at Palladium Boutique Hotel. Join us for a drink and you will see for yourself what makes this pool so special!
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