Palladium’s Glamorous Boho-Chic Renaissance

Palladium Boutique Hotel has welcomed the new season renewed and refreshed, creating an oasis for welcoming its guests in the most glamorously renovated interiors and radiant ambiance. Palladium is a place that knows how to evolve artfully by reinterpreting the experience it desires to share with its guests over time, and across its renovations, to surprise them into an unforgettable staycation experience. Striving to bring together the best of everything, we wanted the new design of Palladium to pay homage to the minimalistic Cycladic heritage, molding into it a maximalist rendering that would strike the perfect aesthetic balance.
Palladium, now more than ever, brings its personality to the table, making known to all guests, and guests-to-be, that this boutique hotel in Mykonos, has a fascinating story to tell. In this respect, we fashioned the hotel with unique elements that push the needle when it comes to fusing warmth and comfort with air and space, as well as a sense of place with a big dose of character.
An interplay of soft and bright lighting, intricate patterns, a multi-cultural melange of memorable layers and elements that one simply can’t miss, nor forget. The new design brings about a lavish and heady space full of visual interest, flaunting at the same time a relaxed, “laissez-faire”, in other words, “let it be how it will be” style. The Palladium’s personality is injected throughout a bohemian-chic fashion, with layering trinkets and art treasures that answer the guests’ beauty standards.
The Palladium’s boho-chic renaissance makes use of natural, basic materials, combined with elaborate ones. Cycladic white and warm earthy colors, along with the elements of stone, wood, and metal, give the space a sense of everyday glamour. Layer throws on top of furniture, hanging embroidered tapestries, handcrafted pieces, woven baskets and mandala wallpapers, alongside mix and match garniture, give off a laid-back feeling of playfulness and exoticism. Fringe, crochet, and macramé abound—centerpieces, curtains, lappets, braided rugs, and canopies over beds, combine to make a cozy hangout, inspired by the four corners of the world. 
The renovated Palladium Boutique Hotel is a unique place, full of life and culture; the axis of the well-traveled person, and the person that aspires to be one. Its cutting-edge aesthetics bow to modern sensibilities and embrace the eclectic, the offbeat, the relaxed and the carefree. Enter the world of Palladium Boutique Hotel, and live the dream in Mykonos!
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Palladium Boutique Hotel
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