The Original Breakfast of Champions

As the Palladium is a distinguished member of The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, we proudly participate in "The Greek Breakfast" program, an initiative taken by the chamber which offers the unique gastronomic treasures of Greece, and shares it every morning with our lucky hotel guests!
This breakfast program has been a unique feature offered by our member hotels since 2010, and since its inception, we strive to enrich the breakfast offered in our hotel with traditional Greek and Mykonian products and local dishes from our regional Aegean gastronomy.  
So let's first dispel the myth that Greeks tend to overlook breakfast, in favor of a quick coffee and a hastily grabbed pastry at the corner kiosk. And while rushing off to work, alas, sometimes that's all we have time for! But on a lazy weekend morning, we love to gather the family and sit down for a long and leisurely morning meal, filled with dozens of tasty, yet very nutritious Greek treats, most of these items being the very heart of the often highly touted "Mediterranean Diet."
More than just a modern dining trend, the Mediterranean Diet's healthy eating lifestyle includes all the most important ingredients of the traditional Greek breakfast itself! These items may include, but are not only limited to, whole grain breads, olives and olive oils, yogurt, honey, cheeses, cured meats, fresh vegetables and legumes, fresh fruit, including homemade marmalade and much more, with each region of Greece contributing something unique to their area and expertise!
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And of the major food groups well represented in the Greek breakfast, none are more steeped in traditional than the breads, hence the ancient worship of Demetra, goddess of the wheat and agriculture itself! And depending on the region, the breads all around Greece are so varied, whether made with wheat or barley, often enhanced with the addition of local produce such as olives, raisins or potato, and various seeds, nuts, and savory spices, all equally delicious as they are unique! Baked in all different shapes and sizes, warm and fresh from the oven, or often served as twice baked rusks, topped with olive oil, tomato, freshly made local cheese and aromatic herbs, a simple and delicious meal in itself! 
And what Greek breakfast would be complete without an array of fresh dairy products including that famous yogurt and the incredibly varied local cheeses? Yogurt has been widely heralded since ancient times as perhaps the world's most perfect food, known for it's amazing health and anti-aging benefits. And there's more to Greek cheese than the wildly popular feta, as the variety of Greek cheeses numbers in the hundreds, with each region specializing in their own unique blend made with either goat, sheep or cow's milk.
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An excellent complement to this wide variety of cheeses are the delicious local sausages and cured meats locally produced in each region of Greece. Made from lamb, pork, beef, or a combination of, the ancient Greeks perfected the methods still used today for filling the natural intestine casings with a delicious mixture of minced meats and fresh herbs, grilled to perfection. 
One of the all-time most popular breakfast dishes of Greece you most likely have encountered are the fresh, hot pies made with basic phyllo dough and a variety fillings. Of the savory variety, the most popular is the cheese pie and spinach filled pies, but also popular are meat pies and a variety of other vegetable and herb filled pies. The shape, thickness and cooking method can vary greatly depending on region, but they are always savory and satisfying. Also delicious are the sweet pies, filled with fruit or custards. 
Among other sweet but healthy breakfast treats, you will find pastries made from honey, nuts and phyllo dough or shredded wheat. And the traditional "spoon sweets" or marmalade made from a variety of fruits, including bitter orange, apples, grapes and sour cherries.
The sublime climate of Greece which includes of course a whole lot of sun, rich soil and a wide variety of flora makes for some of the finest honey in the world and this is another delicious and healthy breakfast staple, very popular drizzled generously on yogurt with or without crunchy local nuts. In addition are those breakfast sweets and pastry soaked generously with this fine Greek nectar. 
The fruits of Greece are also well varied and abundant and the breakfast table will always include citrus fruits, figs and grapes, and seasonally you will also find impossibly sweet melons, peaches, apples, pears, apricots, pomegranates, quinces and cherries and of course some dried figs and raisins along with nuts. A great source of healthy fats so prevalent in the Mediterranean Diet, you will enjoy the locally grown nuts of Greece which include almonds, walnuts, pistachios and chestnuts.
The Mediterranean Diet is of course based on olive oil as a most brilliant source of omega-3's or the "good fats" essential to good heart health. So a bottle of olive oil or plate of whole olives is always present at the Greek table, including the breakfast table! Again, many regions of Greece produce different varieties of olive oil, all of excellent quality. 
Here at Palladium, we hope you will join us for "The Greek Breakfast," a morning journey through the healthy and delicious gastronomy of Greece and Mykonos that we look forward to sharing with you very soon!
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