An unforgettable evening at Thymare… Palladium’s premier Mykonian dining experience you’ll not soon forget!

Our amazing island of Mykonos is world renowned for so many fabulous delights: our beautiful beaches and charming architecture, our friendly faces and welcoming atmosphere, an outstanding and thriving nightlife, and an elegant and funky designer shopping scene! And of course, last but not least, our fabulous, fresh Mykonian and Mediterranean cuisine, boasting a fine dining scene considered among the finest in all of Greece, and the world!
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One of these remarkable dining establishments is the Thymare Restaurant, right here at Palladium, offering a superb selection of regional and international cuisine, guaranteed to satisfy all who enter our elegant yet relaxed domain.
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For the first time visitor to Mykonos, you may be truly surprised by the wide selection of delightful cuisine available on such a small island. A mecca of cosmopolitan tourism, Mykonos also has at it’s heart, a local culture of intense and proud hospitality. And serving our family, friends and honored guests the highest quality, fresh, and incredibly delicious food is a huge priority, one we take very seriously.
The chefs here at Thymare also take this commitment to heart, and they welcome you to our restaurant like they are welcoming you to their own home, each dish lovingly crafted, with the finest ingredients hand chosen fresh each and every day, to ensure each and every bite is a gastronomic pleasure our guests will savor and not soon forget.
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Add to this fine dining experience, a waterfront venue as fresh and lovely as the beautiful island around us. Elegant white furnishings topped with fresh flowers and crisp linen tablecloths glowing with candlelight, with the requisite touches of Mykonian shades of blue, all act as an understated backdrop to the breathtaking Aegean Sea views that enhance your fine dining experience. The fresh and salty sea air is the best way after all, to stimulate the tastebuds for what’s to come!
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Like most Greek islands, seafood plays an important role in the Mykonos diet, as is very evident in the Thymare menu as well. With such classic Cycladic dishes as our "Fisherman’s spaghetti with shrimp, crayfish and mussels," or our "Aegean octopus with sun dried tomatoes, capers and caramelized onions,” both make a seafood feast fit for the hungriest captain!
Also very popular in Mykonos food culture is the humble pig, always a reason to feast, and to feast well, as pork is such a tasty and versatile meat. Thymare welcomes you to try our version of this tasty treat with our "Grilled pork chops marinated in Greek honey,” such a delight!
Dairy is also such an important component to the Greek and Mykonian diet, with our local cheeses a pure delight. Sample some in our "Traditional feta cheese in phyllo, with honey and ouzo,” simply delicious! Don’t forget to try the traditional small plates of appetizers as well, called “meze,” and the myriad of fresh salads and vegetables that are also such important island elements, such as our "Εggplant rolls with tomato and yogurt sauce” or a "Variety of fresh  grilled vegetables with Haloumi cheese and balsamic,” both delicious crowd pleasers.
Our Greek and Mediterranean dishes are always satisfying, yet never so heavy that you can't resist a delectable meal-finishing sweet, such as our light and delicious "Tart with lemon cream and hazelnut praline,” the perfect finish!And don’t forget the perfect accompaniment to your meal, as our attentive servers are all well versed in our highly acclaimed Greek wines, and will be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect bottle to complement your various dishes.
So whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, or a family dinner, we think you’ll find you need not venture any further than our own amazing Thymare Restaurant, offering the finest dining experience with the perfect combination of attentive service, fresh and delicious food, and an elegant island ambiance you will not soon forget…. Please join us tonight!
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