A Magic Journey of Gastronomy to the Mediterranean

Local products of the finest quality standards, mixed together in an outstanding blend, exciting your senses. This is the Mediterranean cuisine at a glance, offering wonderful gastronomic experiences every single time. If you are searching for the healthiest lifestyle choices, indulging in delicious and refreshing Mediterranean dishes is the perfect option for you. In Mykonos, you will find mouth-watering delicacies using the most amazing local produce in inspired combinations. Discover the magic of each taste in the Mediterranean! 

The fresh catch of the day equips taverns and restaurants with the best ingredients, fish and seafood. They give out the aromas of the sea, cooked to perfection to satisfy your palate and offer the most thrilling journey in every bite. Lobster spaghetti and pasta marinara, a platter with fried shrimps and calamari, grilled fish will all fascinate you at the local menus. Apart from that, fresh vegetables and fruit prevail in the traditional recipes. Be it an appetizer, a salad or a main course, there are exciting tastes for you to try out in the Mediterranean.
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Extra virgin olive oil and olives, capers and juicy tomatoes, fresh dairy products and locally grown meat will add to the optimal dining options for you every day in Mykonos. At Palladium Boutique Hotel, you are welcome to enjoy the marvels of the Mediterranean cuisine at Thymare Restaurant. In a romantic ambience that soothes your senses and offers spectacular views to the sea, you are encouraged to experiment with local and international recipes. Your journey to the Aegean starts here, with a selection of wonderfully prepared dishes by our chef and the rest of the team. Bon Appétit!
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