Mykonos by Night…And The Fun Never Seizes!

Mykonos is indeed a special island from dusk till dawn. But in the night time…its charm becomes unsurpassable! It is a fact that only very few places on earth can match its vibrant tempo and lively nightlife. This is precisely what made the island a cosmopolitan pole of attraction on the first place. Its special beauty, its unique sceneries and the whole natural setting will certainly put you in the mood for having the best of times, especially after dark!
Mykonos by Night…And The Fun Never Seizes! 2
In the morning hours, Mykonos Town is as quiet as it can get with mostly the locals doing their everyday routine, tourists doing their shopping at the stylish boutiques, families arranging their excursions and nearby cruises and couples chatting over coffee at the numerous cafes.
Everybody else…is either already at one of the stunning beaches of the island or, indeed, still asleep!
This should not come as a surprise given the time the commercial shops shut…which is usually after 2 am (!) and the party zone opens. Mykonos Town is where most of the nightlife hot spots are situated. People from around the globe, regardless of age, race, musical preference and sexual orientation come to the main town from all other parts of the island in order to get their large share in fun, loud music, ample alcohol and instantaneous acquaintances!
Mykonos by Night…And The Fun Never Seizes! 3
Apart from a plethora of cafes, bars, nightclubs, beach bars and restaurants, you will also find out that the intensity varies depending on what you actually consider to be your type of fun and partying. Whichever the case may be, after sunset the Town’s population gradually increases in order to reach a peak in the first morning hours.
All you have to do is follow your night instincts and select the type of nightlife that suits you best. There is absolutely nothing you will not find here! From a late dinner at a bar-restaurant, to drink and cocktail sessions with lounge music at the area of the “small Venice” and from hilarious gay bars with drug queen parades, to manic huge nightclubs hosting the best international dj sets…
Mykonos by Night…And The Fun Never Seizes! 4
At Palladium Boutique Hotel we offer the best start to an evening that has absolutely no time limit as to its…end! Explore the finest Mediterranean tastes at La Veranda restaurant overlooking the beautiful beach of Psarou and then proceed to a cocktail session with your friends at the romantic atmosphere of the Pool Bar’s comfortable wooden seating and deck loungers.
Mykonos by Night…And The Fun Never Seizes! 5
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