Praising The Most Important Meal Of The Day!

Palladium Boutique Hotel in Mykonos proudly presents its guests with world-class hospitality and impeccable personalized services. The hotel's luxurious setting, its unsurpassed comforts and thoughtful touches across the premises, certainly sets it apart from other luxury hotels on Mykonos island...

Guests are bound to feel truly pampered in a relaxing atmosphere where the attentive staff is always willing and able to cater for special requests and preferences! Breakfast at Palladium could not but only be as delicious and sophisticated as the general notion conveyed by this supremely elegant and reputable 5* boutique hotel.
Praising The Most Important Meal Of The Day! 2
Nothing compares to a glorious breakfast first thing in the morning! Breakfast is without the merest doubt, the most important meal of the day. A truly great source of energy that will boost the start of an exciting day full of experiences and new adventures around the magnificent ‘Queen of the Cyclades’ - Mykonos. Palladium Boutique Hotel praises the most important meal of the day with unforgettable tastes in order to ensure a very interesting gastronomic trip to the local delights of the most cosmopolitan island across Greece.
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Wake up at your leisurely pace, stretch your body while enjoying magnificent views of the Aegean Sea from your private veranda and get ready for the best start of yet another supreme day that is just beginning!

Blé Restaurant welcomes you in its notorious world of Greek blue and bright white colour shades, where you can enjoy a generous buffet-style breakfast within a tranquil ambience teamed with the eternal streaming of natural sunlight. Pick and choose from a wide range of nutritious delicacies and let the warmth of the morning sunshine caress your senses.
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Blé Restaurant overlooks the impressive swimming pools of Palladium Boutique Hotel from a very pleasant space where you will be presented with a highly varied and alternating breakfast and brunch experience that you will eagerly want to explore day after day, after day! The high nutritional value and the top quality of the ingredients that we use, account as very special features of our cuisine in general for which we are very proud of.
Praising The Most Important Meal Of The Day! 5
Breakfast at Palladium Boutique Hotel never fails to pair the abundance of tastes with that of delicious aromas! So be prepared to savor high quality delicacies that include a variety of freshly baked breads, buns and pastries, local and domestic cheeses, yoghurt, butter and milk, quality meats and cold cuts, honey, tahini and a range of traditional marmalades, eggs in many forms (boiled, fried, omelets), cereals, fine fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juices, fruit salads and seasonal vegetables, as well as tea, herbal drinks and coffee varieties.
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Last but not least, let our chefs tantalize you with a plethora of tasteful, alternating surprises each and every morning… Enjoy!
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