Petros...The Legendary Myconian Mascot!

Mykonos cherishes one of the most cosmopolitan main towns of the Cyclades. As we approach the island on boat, the Chora of Mykonos is the first thing we lay eyes upon. The whitewashed settlement spreads in front of our eyes and the imposing windmills put us directly in the mood for a superb Cycladic vacation ahead of us!
Petros...The Legendary Myconian Mascot! 2
The gorgeous Chora is where tourists and locals will show up for their morning coffee in style, for a boutique shopping spree, but, equally for early evening cocktails and crazy bar-hopping after dark. In other words, it is an insular main town of unequaled beauty which offers around-the-clock magnificence for absolutely all tastes! A melting pot which presents you with labyrinth-like picturesque alleys in which you will find an incredibly enchanting atmosphere…

An incredible scenery for the perfect holiday photo shoot!
Petros...The Legendary Myconian Mascot! 3
In your walks within the Chora of Mykonos, you are bound to come across one of the island’s most common trademarks. His name is Petros, he is a pelican and he has been Mykonos’s mascot since 1958 when a fisherman found him badly wounded at the shores of the island.
The fisherman immediately found great interest to the bird and did everything to cure it and keep it to life. So he managed! The pelican started to ameliorate in health by the day and directly became a permanent resident of Mykonos to the pleasure of all the locals who even gave him a name. ‘Petros’!
Petros...The Legendary Myconian Mascot! 7
Petros attracts great interest and tourists love to take pictures with him and even hilarious videos! In return, Petros loves to be pet and fed so do not hesitate to spoil him with either…
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