Experience Mykonos by night!

"Where’s all the party people at?" Mykonos invites you to experience nights full of energy or chill, because there’s something for everyone…   
Mykonos has always prided itself as a destination for travellers of all types. Have an appetite for luxury and adventure? Or prefer a more laid back, chill vibe? Mykonos is the all-encompassing, cosmopolitan island that forever proves to us that you CAN indeed have it all, in one fabulous destination, providing whatever you desire! Especially when it comes to the nightlife…
Palladium is always at your service to provide you with all the night time offerings you seek. And perhaps start your evening here at Palladium with it's chilled out vibe, as you prepare to venture out later. Evening cocktails or dinner under the stars and by the sparkling nighttime sea, as always, your wish is our command.
Experience Mykonos by night! 2
It’s no wonder Mykonos has been attracting everyone from well-heeled Athenians, to international celebrities, to young backpackers and even families too, like moths to a flame, since 1960. With exceptional beaches, award-winning restaurants, and legendary nightlife, let Palladium show you this world of activity and energy that awakens each night after the glorious sun goes down.

The island architecture is one of a kind, sparkling white with a blue Aegean backdrop, even at night it glows with excitement. Stroll into the little neighbourhoods of the island’s main town, called Mykonos Town, or simply “Chora," and get lost in the maze of shadows and candlelight, bustling with revelers 24-hours a day.
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At Little Venice, probably the most photographed spot on the island, and for good reason, the crowds gather nightly from sunset time onwards. The waterfront homes of this neighborhood were built in the 18th century and have lived many lives. Converted now to trendy, high quality bars and restaurants, the views from their balconies is dazzling. Grab a seat on the water and enjoy the sunset, the perfect start to your evening. Another Chora attraction are the world famous windmills, again facing the sea, and so beautifully lit up at night. A lovely sight in the daytime, they are definitely worth a romantic stroll past after dark as well.
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And after dinner what better way to work off your feast, than an all-night dance party! Not ready to cut loose quite yet? Grab a front seat for the best people watching on earth then! All the beautiful people parading past, from film stars to pop stars, from supermodels to sports heroes, everyone passes by and ventures out into the night, for cocktails, dinner, dancing, even late night shopping in designer boutiques and the very tempting jewelry shops that stay open into the wee hours.
How about a fierce, new pair of Manolos, or an equally shiny Grecian bauble, to get you in the dancing mood? Mykonos Town at night is a place which never sleeps. Even for shopaholics! And off we go into the night…
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When it comes to the Mykonos club scene, there is literally something for everyone, so either dress to the nines, or go straight from the beach in your bikini top and surf hair, or anything in between! Because there is an establishment and atmosphere for everyone and every style, so don’t worry, this all-night scene has got you covered! 
Within town, they are too numerous to count, the hot and trendy dance party clubs with their amazing sound systems and the endless energy of youth, the more laid-back live music bars popular with the hipster crowd, or just the countless chill cafe type bars for every taste and age. Also check out the posted schedules for Mykonos’s world famous all-night beach parties that bring in favorite international DJ’s and are a mecca for celebrity spotting.

Yes, the night is young, pleasure seekers! Let Palladium steer you in the right direction, and make it a night to remember… See you this summer!
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