Fun sports and Activities for everyone in Mykonos!

Mykonos is the epitome of the ultimate tourist experience. The beautiful and cosmopolitan island mesmerises its visitors with everything that it offers. Sunbathe on its alluring beaches, swim in the crystal clear waters, wander around the captivating and picturesque alleys, admire its architecture, meet its friendly people and make the best of your staying at the Palladium Boutique Hotel.

With over 25 beaches lying on its spellbinding shoreline, Mykonos offers the traveller the chance to experience fascinating moments every day. There are beaches catering to every need and taste and you can indulge in something new and different daily. Staying at the Palladium Boutique Hotel gives you the chance to be in the heart of Mykonos, relaxing in quiet surroundings, at a convenient location from which you can explore the entire island. In only a few minutes you can find yourself at the popular and crowded beach of Super Paradise, the heart of the Chora or at some secluded and quieter beaches of the island
Fun sports and Activities for everyone in Mykonos! 2
The fantastic facilities of the Palladium Boutique Hotel overlook the popular and famous beaches of Platys Gialos and Psarou. Both beaches are organised with umbrellas and sunbeds. Psarou is a rather busier beach while Platys Gialos is a beach more suitable for families. On both beaches though, one is able to find all kinds of water sports and activities as many water sports clubs operate there. Take your time swimming and kicking back with a book and a drink or if you feel adventurous take your time choosing from the long list of activities that you can enjoy
Snorkel in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, canoe and paddle along the Mykonos coastline, enjoy a banana boat and a tube ride.
Jet skis and surfboards are available and there is even windsurfing equipment that you can rent. There is a scuba diving school where you can take lessons and have a closer look at the beauty of the crystalline waters. Wake boarding, water skiing, wake surfing are also available and they are only a short walking distance from the Palladium Boutique Hotel.Alternatively, you can decide to spend a whole day on a boat trip that is organised and booked just for you, your friends and/or family. The tailor made boat trip can give you a tour of the most popular or of  the most secluded yet alluring beaches of the island. You will spend a day taking in the sun and the sea and you can also discover sides and niches of the island that will astound you.
The crystalline waters of Mykonos are the perfect environment to swim, sunbathe and dive in and they can be explored to their fullest on a boat trip. Upon returning to the Palladium Boutique Hotel you can always relax by the pool, enjoying a cocktail and absorbing the view.
For those who wish to discover a rather more secluded and alternative side of Mykonos the island has many donkey trails that one can follow in case they are into trekking, hiking or even mountain-biking. The winding trails take you through the barren island landscape and they lead you to small villages and settlements, rows of leisurely standing wind-mills and locations from which you can enjoy the view. It might not be a paradise for trekkers but it does give one the chance to explore places off the beaten path. When coming back to the Palladium Boutique Hotel you can safely say that you had had a full day exploring the beauties of the island
Fun sports and Activities for everyone in Mykonos! 4
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