Exploring the Best Mykonos Beaches

Mykonos is a splendid Cycladic island, boasting its prestigious character and vibrant nightlife. Above all, however, this is an island with some of the finest beaches in the entire world. No matter if you seek high-end, cosmopolitan beaches where you can rub shoulders with celebrities and jet setters or you prefer more secluded havens for your eyes only, Mykonos beaches will certainly offer you what you are looking for.
Exploring the Best Mykonos Beaches 2
Just a few meters from Palladium Boutique Hotel Mykonos, there is a gentle path leading to two of the world renowned beaches on the island: Psarou and Platis Gialos are certainly lovely beaches where you will find familiar faces from the world of entertainment and other prominent personalities. These beaches are both amazing and they offer truly unique experiences, swimming and sunbathing and even dining by the waterfront at the legendary Nammos. On the very same spot, there is a modern taxi boat that may take you to the other splendid beaches of the island.
Exploring the Best Mykonos Beaches 3
Paraga, Paradise and Super Paradise, Elia and Agrari are among the finest options when it comes to the embroidered coastline of Mykonos. Paradise and Super Paradise, as well as Paraga, are beaches boasting exceptional beach bars and providing the ultimate destination for partying till late hours (or more specifically, till the early hours!). They do not lack a single thing of the ethereal natural beauty of the rest of the island, however! Elia and Agrari might be less crowded, but they are equally breathtaking.

Schedule your days by the beach and take in the salty bliss of the Aegean Sea. Whether you wish to explore the beauty of Platis Gialos and Psarou or other beaches, Palladium is your perfect starting point and welcomes you!
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