Syrtaki Dance in Mykonos: An Amazing Event to Treasure

Syrtaki has been a legendary dance for the Greeks, since it has been correlated with the Greek pride and joy. The need to dance the worries away, have fun while getting together and celebrating life at its finest. Nothing pretentious, nothing fake. When it comes to life on the island, Syrtaki plays an important part and in fact has been known as a famous dance for everyone to enjoy.

Do you remember Zorba the Greek? A true Philhellene, Antony Quinn, has successfully helped in the increase of this dance’s popularity. There is an iconic scene where he dances proudly by the sea, teaching his companion how to dance the same. It is a tribute to this Greek dance, a way for people to learn more about Syrtaki and its significance.
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Dancers stand side by side, their hands intertwined. The one’s hand touches the other person’s shoulder and this is how they dance in perfect alignment. Wearing white shirts or T-shirts and blue or black jeans, people get together and just dance. There is no other rule, but the importance of togetherness. Nothing else, but overcoming restrictions and expressing yourself.

Each year, the Mykonians hold an amazing Syrtaki event that attracts thousands of people. Located by the harbor, people dance away and show the world what Syrtaki really means. It is definitely an uplifting experience, which offers a great spectacle to everyone around. The essence of having fun with the active contribution of music and good company.

Be sure to catch the Syrtaki Event, which opens the door to a unique experience of dance and music overlooking the Aegean. See how the Greeks entertain themselves and enjoy mastering the steps of Syrtaki!
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