Best Season to Visit Mykonos

Mykonos is a dream come true for so many travelers in the world. But many wonder as to the best season to visit Mykonos. Is it mid summer or perhaps early spring? Or maybe fall with its golden leaves holds secrets on the island worth discovering? Let's find out!
First of all, the obvious answer is that summer attracts most travelers on the island. This is when it all happens. Celebrities and jet-setters flock the island and events are held literally on a daily basis. If you are looking for endless parties, dancing and having fun non stop, then summer is the safest bet for you. Te weather is warm, perhaps too warm on several days. But the winds blowing in Mykonos make your stay more pleasant and allow you to enjoy each moment.

Spring is another wonderful time of the year, when the flowers bloom and the weather is so sweet and mild. Mykonos takes on a whole different beauty at that time. The island is not overcrowded and so you are able to access all parts without any difficulty whatsoever. And it is cool that you can also find great bargains, since it is not peak season and there are flights and ferries at regular intervals.
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And autumn is equally thrilling for you to enjoy the island. To some this is the best time to visit Mykonos, since the weather is still warm enough and there are not so many tourists. Everything is still open and you can schedule to visit all the attractions and have fun, party and relish the sun, the sea and the upscale services. 
So as you can see, Mykonos is an almost 365 day-a-year destination, depending on what you wish to achieve through your vacations. So be wise, think about what you love most on the island...and our recommendation, visit as much as possible throughout the year!
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