Luxury Celebrated on the Island of Mykonos

The island of Mykonos is synonym to cosmopolitan aura and jet-setters, celebrities and fashionistas from all over the world. It opens up a whole new world of posh and extravaganza, a place filled with opportunities to shine and pamper yourself beyond limits. Mykonos is a luxurious dream, an oasis where you may feel like a king or queen and shine bright, brighter than ever before!

Luxury accommodation is exactly what you deserve, when staying in Mykonos. Upscale services of the finest quality standards and modern facilities, ample and aesthetically supreme, offering a memorable experience that allows guests to relax and unwind, luxuriate and enjoy each and every single moment. Palladium Boutique Hotel is such a seaside haven of lavishness and comfort, in an idyllic environment.
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Personalized services feature Spa rituals and beauty treatments, soothing massage sessions and personal care packages. Delve in the splendid nature of aromatherapy and Jacuzzi, whirlpool and hot stones, essential oils and scented candles. And schedule romantic candlelight dinners under the Mykonian sky and the starry nights, with gourmet dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine, fresh fish and seafood. Taste lobster and caviar, topped with effervescent chilled champagne, listening to lounge music and the gentle waves of the Aegean reaching the shore. 

Sailing excursions will add an extra flair to your Mykonos vacations. Sail away in searches, dive in the crystalline waters and enjoy the most secluded beaches on the island, or admire the sunset afloat from a privileged point of view. And of course, take part in exclusive parties and dance the night away.

Mykonos is an excellent opportunity for you to indulge in utter bliss and euphoria, lavishness and posh. There is nothing too extravagant to try out, there is no limit as to the quality of services and the level of pampering you are entitled to...
Palladium Boutique Hotel
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