Paradise Comes in Many Guises

It is said that a place is constituted by its people and the land but some destinations exceed that antiseptic approach. Mykonos is its beautiful land, its sparkling sea that crowns the island, the welcoming locals and its unique atmosphere that comprises a scented ambiance, vibrant surroundings and a tranquility, found in every aspect of the authentic Myconian living.
Given all these trappings, the island couldn't escape its fate of gaining a cosmopolitan attitude. Strolling around the maze-like cobbled streets, you will find yourself surrounded by whitewashed edifices which offer quite a spectacle. Defined by sleek curvy lines, the quaint buildings let the Aegean winds glide around them, in an aerial show.
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While in Mykonos, you will find many fine beaches, featuring crystal clear waters and many indulging amenities. Sunbeds and umbrellas are found aplenty on island’s beaches. The same goes for beach bars as well, but if you are on the hunt for some romantic moments with your significant other, you will be able to find a slice of private paradise, away from the bustle and hustle. Elia, Super Paradise, Ornos, Psarrou and Platis Gialos are some of Mykonos renowned beaches. 

Due to its cosmopolitan character, the island features an astonishing array of international and local brands. At the haven for shopping enthusiasts, you will find accessories, clothes and shoes among others, that apply to elegant tastes. You can also find little shops to buy mementos for your loved ones back home. 

Celestial miracles have become a routine in Mykonos, as the sky showcases a magnificent spectrum of hues, especially during the sunset. It goes without saying that taking a selfie in this time of the day is almost mandatory. On top of all that, the top-notch services, the wild nigh-life and the luxury amenities, makes Mykonos the place to be all summer long!
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