Why to Choose Mykonos for Your Holidays

Why to Choose Mykonos for Your Holidays
There are many things that may surprise you about Mykonos but one thing that won’t surprise you is why people are still want to experience Mykonos living. And there are plenty of things to do and see while visiting Aegean trend-setter of cosmopolitan living. The wide washed edifices that dot the island enthralls the senses, bringing out a tranquil ambiance. Strolling around the quaint cobble-stoned alleys is like wandering around a wonderland of elegant surroundings, while the fine beaches play host to lavish parties and carefree moments. But the best time of day is when the celestial celebration reaches to a climax as the sun dives in the sparkling waters. 

Even if romantic walks isn’t your thing, Little Venice will leave you speechless. Once packed with rich merchants who were seeking a direct access to water, this old never lost its charm. The houses with their wooden balconies and the vibrant exterior stand proudly, overhanging the crashing waves. At the ground floor of many of these old abodes, you will find bars and cafes to start you night adventures. 

It's quite amazing how Mykonos Town didn’t lose its charm despite the invasion of many international and local brands that have taken over its center. Considered by many the home of haute couture, Mykonos is the ideal destination for fashion aficionados. The maze-like streets will lead you to a wide array of prestigious shops where you can find literary everything!

On the other hand, if you are in Mykonos just for the beaches, you came to the right place. Pristine waters, water-based activities and enough beaches to enthrall you with their fine amenities, the island will surely allure you to its cosmopolitan ambiance.
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