Exclusive Experiences with Private Yachting in Mykonos

Are you a water enthusiast? The Aegean unfolds before your eyes and fills you with an overwhelming blissful aura. For blue as far as the eye can see, sailing tours are exceptional. And with the active contribution of private yachting, you can rest assured that such experiences are perfect. Just imagine being alone on board with your precious company, enjoying the deep blue waters and the embroidered coastline of Mykonos.

Having Platis Gialos as a starting point, you can indulge in private yachting tours that meet your criteria and standards. Either exclusive tours or tours planned with the participation of other travelers, the experience is literally breathtaking. You will have the opportunity to explore the famous Mykonian beaches, such as Paraga and Super Paradise, Paradise and Agrari, Kalafatis and Lia. Besides that, you will get the chance to enjoy wonderful dives and snorkeling, water sports and especially scuba diving. Just make sure to inform the people responsible of your desires and they will suggest the most suitable options to make the most of your private yachting tour.
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In addition, there are glass-bottom cruises that you can take. As a result, you will see everything that lies underneath the sea surface and you will be able to enjoy your experience to the fullest. As for the accessibility from Palladium Boutique Hotel, Platis Gialos and private yachting lie within a kilometer from the facilities. So you are most welcome to discover the amazing opportunities that unveil before you.

Indulge in luxurious and thrilling experiences on board and relish the magnificent beauty of the Aegean Sea. You deserve nothing less than perfection through and through. So do not settle for anything less than absolutely refined, awesome experiences in Mykonos!
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